Some special projects of:  Tom Hourigan
June, 2008
September, 2009
Bird House Theme for storing CD's
Comments by Tom Hourigan April. 2008. This picture is of a tabletop that I just completed for our old Canadiana table. The previous top was badly warped and split pine. The wood I used was quarter sawn straight grained fir to match the wood in our windows. It was 1 1/4" x 3 3/4" that I milled to 1''x 3 1/2"
I finished it with five coats of Minwax Alkyd based Clear Polyurethane. (Two coats to the underside.) I mounted it using slotted cleats to allow for wood movement.
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Large blanket chest is made from fir
Fly tying bench  made for a friend who is into fly fishing. The base is oak plywood and the remainder solid oak.
Wine glass rack
Tom Hourigan said of this:
This is a picture of a wine glass rack that I just made for a friend who had just retired and moved up here. I started with 1x4 rough oak and planed it and then used a dado blade and router to make the slats. I holds forty wine glasses.
Potting Bench - Feb/05