The 2 x 4 Challenge
What can you make from a single 2x4, 8 feet in length?
The answer might surprise you.

This is an Annual Event.
The Guild sponsors the 2 x 4 Challenge Event whereby participants are asked to make a project using only a construction grade 2 x 4 8 feet long of Fir, Pine, or Hemlock.
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The Rules - in PDF format
Shop Safety Tip
Four table saw safety tips
1: Attach your push stick to the wall or the front of your saw with Velcro or sticky-backed magnets so you can grab it quickly when needed.
2: ALWAYS use your saw guards and splitters to keep your hands clear of the blade and prevent the saw kerf from closing up on the blade and causing a kickback.
3: Try to avoid cutting crooked or warped stock, as it is much more likely to twist and bind during cutting.
4: When ripping, always be certain to feed your stock all the way past the blade until the cut is complete to avoid kickbacks. Use a push stick to keep your hands clear of the blade at all times.
June 17th, 2014 Suncoast Woodcrafters Guild general meeting was the annual 2x4 Challenge.
Read the minutes and see the winners

2008 annual 2 x 4 Challenge judging and results June 16th, 2009
See Minutes of Meeting

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The Guild gratefully thanked and acknowledged all the firms that supported this event by contributing a prize.  These are in no particular order:
Paul's Paintin Place                                 - $25 Gift Certificate.
Sunshine Coast Home Building Supplies        - $25 Gift Certificate.
Gibsons Building Supplies                        - Skil Detail Sander.
Curtis Lumber                                 - Saw blades and Clock
Rent-It Canada                                 - $50 Gift Certificate.

All members in attendance cast their ballots in the various categories.  The first category to be selected was Best Craftsmanship.  It was won by Heinz Tigges for a very beautiful and elaborately made Crossbow.  The winner of the Best Craftsmanship category had a pick of all the prizes.  Heinz selected the $25 gift certificate from Paul's Paintin Place.  He then drew the next category and the prize.  The members then voted on this category.  The rules are such that once an item has won a category, it cannot be in the running for any other categories.

The prize for the Most Artistic item was won by Dave Bell for his carving of a young Heron.  This sculpture in cedar was exquisite and well deserving of winning this category.  The prize for this entry was a $25 gift certificate from Sunshine Coast Home Building Supplies.  Dave then drew the next category and the prize.

The winner of the Most Practical category was Ken Walker for his knife block.  Ken was awarded the prize donated by Curtis Lumber - Saw blades and a clock.  Ken drew the next category and prize.

Steve Willgoose was awarded the prize for the Most Original entry.  He had made three wooden tools - a Screw driver, a Pair of Pliers and an Adjustable Wrench.  All three tools were working like the real tools and it was easy to appreciate the skill and workmanship that went into making these.  Steve was awarded the $50 certificate from Rent-It Canada.

Brian Lucas won the "Best use of a 2X4" category for his beautifully turned stool.  The prize was a Skil Detail Sander donated by GBS.

Since we only had five prize categories, only five entries could win, but all were winners in this contest.  Every item submitted was testament to the high level of craftsmanship among our members.  The following members all receive honourable mention for their effort and everyone was equally deserving of winning. 
Ed Auld - Turned fruit bowl in Fir.
Dave Beauchesne - Document box with hidden compartment
Tom Hourigan - Three small boxes and Mitre Keys.
Doreen Willgoose - Box with hand cut dovetails.

2006 Category/Winner 2X4 Entry 
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Best workmanship.            D Beauchesne.          Toolbox/Sewing Tote. 
Most beautiful item             K. Walker.                Jewellery box.
Most unique design            E. White.                  Sign for the house number.
Best use of material           T. Hourigan.              Toy log house.
Most useful item                L. Larsson                 Clock
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2010 annual 2 x 4 Challenge judging and results June 15th, 2010
See Minutes of Meeting

Best in show for 2014

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